France: Horrifying Account of Murder Of 8yr old Jewish School Girl

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My word, what a cowardly bas**rd this killer is

……The local prosecutor, Michel Valet, said that a religious instructor, his two children and another child, the daughter of the school’s director, were killed in Monday’s attack and that a 17-year-old boy was seriously wounded. The killer “shot at everything he could see, children and adults, and some children were chased into the school,” Mr. Valet said.The suspect pursued his last victim, an 8-year-old girl [Miriam Mosonego…ed], into the concrete courtyard, seizing and stopping her by her hair, said Nicole Yardeni, who leads the regional branch of the Crif, France’s most prominent Jewish association, and who viewed video surveillance footage of the killing.

His gun appeared to jam at that point, Ms. Yardeni said. Still holding the girl, the killer then changed weapons, from what police have identified as a 9 millimeter pistol to the .45-caliber. He shot her in the head and left, never removing his motorcycle helmet.

“It is unbearable that someone be able to dehumanize children to this point,” Ms. Yardeni said, choking back tears.[More..]

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Also, BBC Clip on Jewish school shooting in France

…This was a hard clip to translate as one of the speakers was on a telephone and speaking very quickly…

…The video says “homme à scooter noir” which would be translated as “man with a black scooter” and not man of black origin. No information as been given yet as to the ethnicity of the man.

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