Freedom of Expression at LSU

Aaron Worthing
Patterico’s Pontifications

…Remember that night when all of us were celebrating the death of bin Laden?  Well on that same night someone went to LSU’s war memorial, removed the American flag that flew there, and burned it:

The American flag that flew on the pole over the LSU War Memorial was cut down and burned early Monday morning, LSU Police Department and witnesses report.

The burning occurred only hours after President Barack Obama announced Sunday night al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s death in combat.

Cpt. William Conger, University military science associate professor, said he and three ROTC students discovered the charred remains of the flag at 5:45 a.m. during physical training. They later retired the flag.

The Louisiana and University flags were also cut down, Conger said. The state flag was left unscathed, but the University flag is currently missing, Conger said.

Now this flag burning is obviously an expressive act, but it was likewise illegal.  I mean the constitution protects your right to burn your own flag, not to steal someone else’s and vandalize it.  The good news is that we then caught the (alleged) bastard who (allegedly) did this…

…part of me admittedly smiles at the fact that these college students love this country enough to feel this strongly.  And they are rejecting hippies!  Frank J. Flemming would surely approve.  But as much of a completely idiotic douche as Haas is, that is the wrong response.  Standing around him and shouting at him?  Fine.  But throwing things, even relatively harmless water balloons, is wrong.  Let him feel your spittle as you shout at him, but nothing more…

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