Friend of Pro-Palestinian Italian Activist Hanged by Islamists in Gaza Says, ‘I Can’t Believe that this Happened’

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is a video report on the brutal murder of a Pro-Palestinian Italian Activist – Vale Vittorio Arrigoni – who spent years in Gaza criticizing Israel and speaking up for the Palestinian cause. He was abducted and hanged by an Islamic Group in Gaza this week. In the report, one of Arrigoni’s friends is heard to say, “I can’t believe that this happened. . .”

Sadly, this is the kind of violence and hate Israel has had to live with for many decades. It happens to Israeli citizens, and to many others around the world on a regular basis.

Update: American Power has more information and additional video:

Why Did Islamists Kill Vittorio Arrigoni?

Seriously. The guy was on their side…Ultimately, progressive anti-Semites will blame Israel.

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