Galloway probed for ‘inflammatory’ speech at rally

Martin Williams
Herald Scotland
4 Jul 2010

Police are examining complaints that George Galloway gave an inflammatory speech at a rally attended by thousands of Muslims in which he claimed that far-right English Defence League (EDL) activists would have to fight their way “through 10,000 dead bodies” if they interfered with members of the Islamic faith in Britain.

Footage has been posted on YouTube of former MP George Galloway addressing the rally in London

The Metropolitan Police said officers are now looking into statements made by the left-wing Scottish politician during the speech made to more than 3,000 people at a rally and march in London in June.

The police have video footage of the former Glasgow MP, who is a founding member of the Respect Party, telling the rally: “To the EDL, take a look around you boys. Take a look around you. If you dare touch a hijab [hair cover] on a Muslim woman’s head, if you dare touch the hair on the beard of a Muslim man in Tower Hamlets, you will have to fight your way through 10,000 dead bodies first.”

A police spokesman said: “The complaints have been referred to officers and they are being considered. There is no formal investigation as yet and we are assessing the evidence.”

Footage of the Dundee-born former MP’s speech was also placed online at YouTube under the heading: “Why half a million Brits vote BNP. George Galloway incites race violence.”

Organisers said the London rally and march at which Galloway gave his speech was called with a view to showing the English Defence League that attempts to divide the community and stir up hatred will not be tolerated.

The event was organised by United East End and Unite Against Fascism in an area where 30% are Bengali/Muslim.

A march took the protesters past the East London Mosque – said to be an EDL target – where the annual general meeting of the Muslim Council of Britain is to be held.

The EDL, which has repeatedly claimed that the mosque is a centre for Islamic extremism, called off a demonstration against an Islamic conference due to be held on the same day.

Tower Hamlets Council had earlier called on both the EDL protest, as well as the Islamic conference, to be cancelled, labelling both events “extremist”.

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