Geert Wilders Trial, Day 3

Show Trials 2010 – Geert Wilders quietly watches poor imitation of Maoists
Covenant Zone

Here is a highlight from Day 3 of the Geert Wilders “hate speech” trial in the Netherlands, sparked when the court was about to watch Wilders’ film Fitna, and one audience member (a formal plaintiff?) puts on a show of asking permission to leave that she not have to see the horror. Have a good look at the vacant bureaucratic faces of the “judges”. I haven’t seen the like since attending show trials at the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. (We previously discussed the judge’s obvious bias here.)

Don’t miss Dutch Blogger Klein Verzet for a full report on Day 3

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H/T Blazing Cat Fur.

Update: From Gates of Vienna,  The Second Day of the Kangaroo Trial

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