Geert Wilders Visits America, Warning of the Threat to Freedom from Hostile Islam

Brenda Walker

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders has been traveling in the United States this week and has made appearances and given interviews. Unlike many political figures, he is an energetic promoter of freedom and Western values, perhaps because his country the Netherlands has learned the hard way how deeply harmful unwise immigration can be. He says things like, “I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible” with no apologies.

In fact, when discussing the threat of hostile Islam, Wilders normally mentions the immigration component and that it should be stopped. He understands that admitting historic enemies into a nation as immigrants is madness.

SunTV’s Michael Coren interviewed Wilders on Wednesday, following the terrorist attack in Ottawa. He recommended that Canada “Be much tougher and stricter in your immigration policy. My party advocates a full stop of immigrants from Islamic countries. Not that we believe all that Muslims are bad people. They are not. But we cannot import people from countries where an ideology is dominant that wants to use violence, that has nothing to do with the rule of law of our society, based on our values of Christianity and Judaism, on humanism.”…



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Breitbart’s Dr. Sebastian Gorka on FNC: Ottawa Shooting is ‘Wake-Up Call’ For North America (video)

…“The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have admitted they have 90 potential jihadis that they are investigating who have travelled to fight abroad. This is not a surprise for people who follow the terrorist threat to North America, but the nature of this attack, the fact that the individual was firing shots, allegedly, right outside the room where the Prime Minister was actually speaking, this is a real wake-up call for everyone in North America.”…



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