Gen Y #Fail

Confirmed: Gen Y dumb as a box of hammers


That is largely the conclusion that Mike Riggs makes at Reason using new Pew Internet Center data, and I can’t say that I blame him. Here’s why.

I totally  understand young voters being swept away by a charismatic candidate. I remember the excitement of Bill Clinton being swept into office during my college years on his own hopey, changey platform.  I get why Millennials voted for Obama in 2008.

But after three years of an objectively failed Presidency, where out debt has skyrocketed, government has intruded deeply into the private sector and our personal freedoms, and real unemployment stands at 15% , 41% of Millennials are still satisfied with Obama.

That means they have been convinced that Obama’s “freedom lite”  march  to Marxism is an acceptable alternative to liberty, and that, dear friends, is scary as Hell…

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