‘Germany as a beacon of freedom in the world. Have to admit I didn’t see that one coming.’

[Our CAJ headline is from the comments section at Protein Wisdom. ‘Bordo’ is its author.]

Uh oh…
Darlene Click
Protein Wisdom

It’s bad enough that Merkel’s Germany rejects Obama Statism (and get’s its economy back on track) … but now Merkel is talking about ::::gasp!:::: Judeo-Christian values.

[Chancellor Angela] Merkel told the CDU annual conference in Karlsruhe that the debate about immigration “especially by those of the Muslim faith” was an opportunity for the ruling party to stand up confidently for its convictions.“We don’t have too much Islam, we have too little Christianity. We have too few discussions about the Christian view of mankind,” she said to applause from the hall.

Germany needs more public discussion “about the values that guide us (and) about our Judeo-Christian tradition,” she said. “We have to stress this again with confidence, then we will also be able to bring about cohesion in our society.”

ZOMGaia!!! White trash christers have invaded Germany! Screw the principles that make for success, hide the womens and childrens!!1!!!

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