Glenn Beck Releases Graphic Video Juxtaposing Media, Obama Administration’s Optimism on Egypt With Horrifying Reality

Erica Ritz
The Blaze

Members of the media and the Obama administration expressed optimism after the “Arab Spring” revolution that ousted former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011. When concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood taking power were raised, many responded either by saying the Islamist organization had no ambitions to take power, or that it was “mostly secular” and eschewed violence.

On his weekday television program Monday, Beck juxtaposed the various assurances with horrific reality on the ground today…

…“While Al Jazeera and the American and western media is silent, relatively speaking, on the mass targeting and slaughter of Christians in the Middle East, we will not be,” Beck declared. “This administration is silent and they’re windsurfing because they and the media have one thing in common: they both support the Muslim Brotherhood, and those are the people that are slaughtering all of the Christians.”…


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H/T Noisy Room  where readers can watch this video: Police Tell Conservative Rally to Quiet Down so Muslim Brotherhood Protesters Can Pray

 Today was the “Rage Against the Media” rally in Los Angeles. The conservatives scheduled their rally in advance obtained the permits and took all of the appropriate measures to ensure a safe and lawful rally.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood supporters through together a last minute rally to support Mohammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist allies in Egypt.

The police came over to the conservative group and told them to soften their music so the Muslim Brotherhood could pray.


Also at The Blaze:

Update: Egyptian Democratic Coalition Responds to Obama

The National Salvation Front, a coalition of pro-democratic and secular parties in Egypt, set out its objections to remarks made by President Barack Obama Thursday on the escalating violence in Egypt…


H/T Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives


Also, Egypt intel: Muslim Brotherhood attack squads targeting security forces




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