Glenn Beck Was Right, Says Leading Occupy Activist: #OccupyWallStreet Wants Violent Revolution

Malcolm Harris is the managing editor of The New Inquiry, a contributing editor at, and blogs for Jacobin. He edited the collection “Share or Die: Youth in Recession,” forthcoming from New Society Publishers in the spring. He has been active in OWS since the first planning meetings.

Lee Stranahan
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One of Occupy Wall Street’s early planners and activists has given public credit to Glenn Beck for correctly analyzing the ultimate goal of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement: a violent revolution in which the wealthy are dragged into the streets and killed.

Malcolm Harris, an editor and activist who “has been active in OWS since the first planning meetings,” confirmed Beck’s analysis in his comments at a panel discussion on October 14th in New York–the same panel discussion that featured New York Times freelancer Natasha Lennard.

Transcript (emphasis added):

Well, and I think that’s–that’s one side of what people want, right, ’cause that’s not the only thing people want, they also want to take the banker out of his, you know, fucking tower and string him up in the public square, right? [Applause] That’s not–that’s not, like, just the crazy left. That’s everyday folks talking about their experiences.

And, like, this is America, right? We want to talk about “we’re the 99%” as if we’re also not the 99% that loves Transformers 4, right? [Laughter] As if this is the 99% that doesn’t also, like, feel passionate anger. “All we want is, like, you know, our little appropriate piece of the pie and we just want to be friendly.“

And the capitalists know that’s not the case, right? If you want to read what the capitalists think about this you can go look at what Glenn Beck says, right? He’s got a better analysis than most people on the left about where this could go, how threatening this…

The article, with more video, is at Big Government.

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