Glenn Reynolds interviews Mark Levin about his Liberty Project

Jeff G.
Protein Wisdom

…the ideas behind Levin’s prescriptions, when divorced from the identity or political label placed upon its author, should have cross Party appeal: former Reagan Democrats, blue collar Democrats affected by bureaucratic bullying and government molestation in their industries, “liberals” who, for their occasional emotional support for certain statist polices, still on the whole believe in individual liberty and would rail against a permanent centralized ruling class dictating their every action, and libertarians and classical liberals who, to my mind, are today’s “constitutional” or legal conservatives — all of these people can rally behind the ideas presented by Levin here (and others elsewhere) that redound to reinvigorating the Constitution’s intended protection of individual sovereignty, and beat back ruling class attempts to breach constitutional protections and create from “of, by, and for the people” a government that perversely turns its owners into subjects…

…Levin’s plan is a great launching point to have begin framing the kernel assertion in all of this: do we or do we not wish to be a constitutional republic, one designed to protect us, in large part, from government and to ensure our natural rights as free people?

Or would we rather just trade in liberty for the promise of a permanent welfare state that, from an economic perspective, isn’t really permanent at all, and must of necessity collapse eventually under the weight of its own deceit?…


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… What is so despicable here is that the so-called Republican House leadership appears to be under the covers with their leader in the Senate, Marco “speaks-with-forked-tongue” Rubio, who authored the Senate gang of eight immigration bill.  Unless the American people step up to the plate here in these next critical weeks and show up at town hall meetings and local offices, we’ll be snookered again by the Republicans we elected to represent us.



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