God Bless the Brits. They show us what not to do.

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Backup power needed for Wind Farms

Problems with the backup power.

(I’m not going to talk about Global Warming or whether CO2 is a problem. The Brit govt. has made up it’s mind on that. I’m just looking at what the Brits have decided to do about it.)

These two stories (found via CCNet) show that the British move to massive wind power has passed beyond stupidity and is headed toward full blown insanity.

The Brits have decided to make a big push to wind power (about 20% of their electricity) in order to fight Global Warming by reducing CO2 emissions. They plan to have this in place by 2020.

Problem One. Wind Power isn’t cost effective compared to fossil fuel plants. The only way wind turbines get built is if somebody (via higher electric bills) subsidizes them…

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