Good-bye, ‘Edith’

1 June 2013

Jean Stapleton, Who Played Archie Bunker’s Better Angel, Dies at 90



H/T Neo-Neocon where we hope you will watch the clip, “Edith Bunker and the cling peaches.”


Update: RIP Jean Stapleton

Another star in a show that couldn’t be made today has passed at the age of 90.


Oh! We should have checked the blogsphere before posting our headline. At Legal Insurrection, Good-bye, Edith

 Jean Stapleton died today. A very accomplished actress, Jean always will be remembered for her role as Edith Bunker on All In The Family. For those of us of, um, a certain generation, the impact of that show cannot be overstated.


R.I.P. Jean Stapleton

I didn’t know she was still alive, honestly, but now I am sad she’s gone. Edith Bunker was a great character, and Stapleton made the role what it was.

I was a huge fan of “All in the Family” as a kid. To this day, at the end of the workday, Mrs. P. and I will often ask each other: “How was your day, Archie?”



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