Google–‘don’t be evil’–issues ‘take down’ order to Blazing Cat Fur

BREAKING: Is an accused terrorist trying to shut down my husband’s blog?

Kathy Shaidle
Five Feet of Fury

Arnie did some digging…


BlazingCatFur is hosted at, which is owned by Google.

Since the “accused terrorist” complained to Google about four of Arnie’s posts, Google sent Arnie a “take down” notice and he had to comply.

However, my blog is not hosted at Blogger, so I’m free to reprint the “offending” posts, below.

The one below is the most important; the rest will be posted later today…

“The Ottawa Muslim Terrorists, the RS Foundation and the Blood Libel MasterCard”

1) Square Mile Wife breaks the story on the Blood Libel MasterCard which supports the RS Foundation, an alleged not for profit charity that does work overseas, primarily in Muslim nations.
  • We learn the RS Foundation is headed by a Jew-Baiting Islamist 9/11 Truther named Shujaat Wasty; “There is no doubt that the Zionist movement occupies a primary role in the WTC attacks” Shujaat Wasty
  • The RS Foundation’s “Partners” have interesting histories channeling funds to terrorists
  • Also revealed; Shujaat Wasty is an employee of the Federal Government
  • The Memory Hole; the RS Foundation attempts to scrub its site of reference to Shujaat Wasty

The story is picked up by bloggers and shopped to media, no one is interested in digging deeper into the RS Foundation, despite the added weight of government officials pushing this story on media contacts beyond our own connections. The RS Foundation continues to receive favourable press from the usual suspects; August 14th “Every year we have a dinner during Ramadan, and this year, we’ll be donating a major portion of what we collect to flood relief in Pakistan,” said RS Foundation volunteer Shujaat Wasty...


Read the rest at Five Feet of Fury.

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As you know, speech is not protected in Canada or Britain. Canada writers and bloggers like FFF and BCF are doing the job so-called MSM journalists won’t do and for their efforts they often pay a heavy price.


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