Google, Joyce Foundation Big Players in Anti-Gun, Left-Wing Activism

Elizabeth Sheld
29 Apr 2013

While the left is frequently up in arms about the about the Koch brother’s money funding political and campaign projects,  there is no shortage of big leftist corporate and foundation money floating around hot political issues.

Both the Joyce Foundation and Google are established players in the anti-second amendment movement as well as other progressive political causes.

The Joyce Foundation has injected large chucks of money into the anti-gun movement, including Mayor’s Against Gun Control [sic] and the Violence Prevention Center.   (Aside: Who was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation? None other than President Barack Obama who keeps assuring us that he doesn’t want to take our guns away. Obama sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994-2002.)

Likewise, Google’s support for anti-gun “advocacy” is no secret


The article continues at Breitbart’s InstaBlog.



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