GOP Finally Engages ‘Mommy Blogs’

Dana Loesch

Some make fun of the niche, but it’s an influential and driving force in marketing. The GOP has finally figured this out and engaged the mommy blog community, albeit ten-plus years after its explosion.

House Republicans are targeting popular “mommy blog” websites in a digital ad campaign beginning Tuesday as part of an ongoing effort to repair the GOP’s image with certain voting blocs — in this case swing female voters — who have sided decisively with Democrats in recent elections.

The banner ads will be featured on over 100 websites popular among women and geo-targeted to be viewed by residents in 20 Democratic-held congressional districts targeted by the GOP for 2014. The House Republican campaign operation is increasing its use of niche digital ad marketing for the upcoming election cycle. They used a similar strategy targeting Democrats on the unpopular automatic spending cuts known as sequester in March.

If Republicans can broaden this push and show the attractiveness of limited government, Democrats are in for some pain…


The article continues at RedState.



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