GOP member: White House ‘clowns’ are ‘punishing’ lawmakers after security flub

By Jordy Yager and Bob Cusack
The Hill

Members of Congress are being “punished” as a result of the notorious “gate crashing” security breach at the White House last year, according to a Texas Republican.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) took to the House floor Friday to give a lengthy complaint about having to walk a block in the rain through heavy security Thursday to visit the White House.

“The member of Congress, like today in the rain, has to go down a block and then go through security there with double the number of guards and then come up and go through security again and go through guards again,” Gohmert said.

Security is tighter “not because Secret Service messed up or the armed guards that are now doubled in number, but because somebody in the White House staff screwed up,” he said.

“Now they’re deciding to punish members of Congress and law-abiding citizens that normally just get in.”

The article continues at The Hill.

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