Governor Christie to reform NJ education system and provide more charter schools

Governor Chris Christie is seeking to reform the education system in New Jersey, which is deteriorating in the urban areas, especially in the public schools systems in Newark, Trenton, Englewood, and other cities.

As we all know, the encroachment of the NJEA, the teacher’s union, is affecting these students’ education. Not only do these teachers receive so many benefits, including annual pay increases, 100% of their medical benefits are paid not through their paychecks, but that of the tax payers, while also covering all of the health care of their families while failing to teach students. It is difficult to fire failing teachers in NJ.

Here is the letter Governor Christie sent to the school boards in New Jersey.

The budget is overwhelming. Gov. Christie wants a one year freeze in pay, and contribute 1 1/2% to their health benefit cost.

“It’s easy to say it’s about the kids when they’re showering you with 4 to 5% raises to you every year… when you are getting everything you want, it’s easy to say ‘it’s for the kids’.”

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