Alliance says Senate begins voting on health care bill Tuesday, 22 September

In their email President Steve Elliott writes:

Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee is expected to begin
voting on the Baucus version of ObamaCare.

Many are saying this debate in Senate Finance could determine
whether Obama and the Democrats pass government-run healthcare
this fall.

Don’t be fooled by the media spin. This latest version is still
an oppressive, government-run healthcare system.

+ + “Individual Mandate” is an unconstitutional TAX!

Despite all the posturing, the Baucus bill is still based on
the same socialistic premise as the other versions in Congress —
a government-mandated healthcare system that every American is
forced to participate in!

That’s because the centerpiece remains the so-called
“individual mandate” that is blatantly unconstitutional
and amounts to an oppressive new tax.

Where in the Constitution does the federal government have the
authority to impose this “individual mandate”? The answer is
clear — there is NO constitutional authority for such a power
grab. In fact, two former Justice Department officials said in
the Wall Street Journal that the individual mandate “would
expand the federal government’s authority over individual
Americans to an unprecedented degree. It is also profoundly

Plus, the “individual mandate” is an oppressive tax, a fact
recognized even by ABC’s George Stephanopolous. Stephanopolous
directly asked President Obama:

“Under this mandate, the government is forcing people to
spend money, fining you if you don’t. How is that
not a tax?”

Stephanopolous even cited the dictionary definition of “tax”
to which Obama accused him of “stretching” the definition.

Of course, Obama never actually rejected the assertion that the
“individual mandate” is a tax. He simply went on the attack,
like he always does, trying to discredit his opponents.

+ + Key Showdown This Week!

Our sources on the Hill are telling us that the debate this week
in the Senate Finance Committee could be the most important
debate in this battle over socialized healthcare.

Two action items:

Action Item #1 — Fax Senate Finance Committee

We are urging all team members to schedule faxes to their two
senators and the key members of the Senate Finance Committee TODAY.

* * *

You can pay the group to help you send faxes:
Donate to to send your Faxes

Or you can use another of their links in which they help you to send your own faxes:
Send your own faxes

Either way, you CAN make your voice heard if you disagree with the Obama health care bill.

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