Great News: Obama Cabinet Members Now Joining Protests


If you had any doubt remaining Obama and his minions weren’t behind these orchestrated protests, let this remove all doubt.

A succession of speakers, including American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, offered support. They warmed up the crowd for Sharpton, whose raspy voice rang out, “No justice? No peace!” as the crowd shouted along with him, over and over.

A woman stomped her feet in the grass, and people pumped their fists.

Referring to Congress, Sharpton said, “If you won’t get the jobs bill done in the suite, we will get the jobs bill done in the street!”

Oh, OK. Issuing threats now are we?…

…They fail to mention Obama’s good buddy Sharpton owes millions in back taxes, but let’s play along…

The complete article, with video, is at JammieWearingFool.

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At Blazing Cat Fur, The Only Sane Man At Occupy Toronto…”Karl Marx Was Wrong”.

Northern Michigan University College Professor Offers Students Extra Credit for Attending #Occupy Protest at The Blaze:

…On Thursday, she posted a petition [to her Facebook page] asking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg not to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters with the comment, “Please sign the petition!“ …

17 Arrested Inside THIS Citibank [Updated with video]

Today some Occupy Wall Street marchers went directly to banks.

According to Alex Silverman of CBS New York, 17 24 were arrested for trespassing inside the LaGuardia Pl. Citigroup location. Another 2 were arrested outside for disorderly conduct.

This idea of being more confrontational with banks will help the protesters get more attention, but going to random retail outlets, and being a nuisance inside the part where the ATMs are is going to be pretty ineffective.

Several people have pointed out that the purpose of going to the bank was to withdraw accounts (as a protest) so characterizing the entry there purely as a demonstration does not seem to be accurate…

Al Shaprton Unions’ Rally For Obama’s “Jobs” Bill Masquerades As MLK Memorial

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