Greta finally asks the burning question we all want to know about the tea party

Tom Tillison
BizPac Review

n her latest “Off the Record” segment, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren questioned why some treat the tea party so badly.

“I do not get it,” she explained. “Why are some people, politicians, pundits, and reporters in particular, so vicious and – yes, so arrogant – towards members of the tea party?”

“It’s never even about debate,” Susteren said. ”Instead, it’s smearing, trashing, denigrating, laughing at, and even demonizing the tea party, acting as though the tea party is a bunch of anarchists, terrorists, kooks and even atheists.”

After asking if the detractors have ever met these Americans, she then offered a fairly accurate account of just who these people are:

“They’re not throwing bombs or getting arrested. They are Americans exercising their right to speak up. It’s called the First Amendment. They have families, they have jobs, they pay taxes. And, yes, it is true they don’t like big government. But that’s not a crime. That is protected political thought, the First Amendment.”

“And, frankly, if you really think about it, it’s not that far out of the mainstream,” she concluded.



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