Greta Lights Up Chris Murphy On Harry Reid’s Koch Comments

Dem. Senator refuses to acknowledge Reid’s chronic pattern of smears

The Washington Free Beacon

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren tore into Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D., Nev.) smear of the Koch brothers Tuesday evening.

Van Susteren repeatedly pressed Murphy on the Senate Majority Leader’s comments last week where Reid asserted all of the “Obamacare horror stories” running in competitive midterm states are untrue.

Murphy noted Reid walked that statement back and conceded “some people will have bad experiences” under the Affordable Care Act…

…Van Susteren proceeded to excoriate Reid for his chronic pattern of blatant smears, citing the Nevada senator’s spurious 2012 charge that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney did not pay any taxes that year.

The Connecticut senator defended Reid, arguing “somebody has to push back” against the the supposed lies told by the Koch brothers, but did not address Reid’s pattern of lying…



The complete article, with video, is at The Washington Free Beacon.



Also at the site,  Anti-Koch Rhetoric Reveals Disturbing Pro-Cancer Sentiment on the Left

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) launched another tirade against libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch on Tuesday over their maniacal efforts to “buy America.”

It was the latest salvo in the Democratic Party’s war against the septuagenarian brothers, both of whom are strong opponents of cancer. Reid had previously attacked the Kochs as “immoral and dishonest” and “about as un-American as anyone I can imagine.”

He’s not alone. Left-wing billionaire and reluctant democracy advocate Tom Steyer has mused that David Koch, a prostate cancer survivor who has donated more than $300 million to cancer research, will go down in history as a “famously evil person.”

Liberals have even gone so far as to question the integrity of a cancer patient who told her story in an ad produced by Americans for Prosperity, a Koch-affiliated pro-freedom advocacy group. In one of his earlier outbursts, Reid suggested that Julie Boonstra’s story was among the numerous “untrue” horror stories about Obamacare. Now Democrats are threatening her with legal action if she doesn’t shut up…


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Also,   Koch Industries Responds to Harry Reid Attacks

…At Koch, these are the things in which we believe: a government of appropriate size and scope such that it allows Americans the freedom and liberty to pursue happiness and well-being—for themselves and their families. We also believe in a government that operates on a balanced budget and does not burden American taxpayers with things like unfunded liabilities and mandates; a government that respects the integrity of our country’s Constitutional principles; and regulatory bodies that don’t impose needless burdens on entrepreneurs and job creators, both large and small.

This topic is worthy of vigorous dialogue and civil debate between people who exercise mutual respect for others with opposing viewpoints. We are disappointed that Senator Reid is attacking private citizens rather than the problems facing this nation. It is no wonder that Americans have lost faith in Congress…


Update: At Hump Day Report Gilia has a great post, with video, The Evil Koch Brothers. It’s a good place to familiarize yourself with the libertarian brothers who get under Harry Reid’s (and the Left’s) skin.



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