Gunwalker Scandal Now Has FBI Cover-Up to Go With Crime

Verum Serum

Here’s the key graph from the accompanying story:

Asked about the content of the emails, a former federal prosecutor who viewed them expressed shock. “I have never seen anything like this. I can see the FBI may have an informant involved but I can’t see them tampering with evidence. If this is all accurate, I’m stunned,” the former prosecutor said.

And it turns out that may not even be the most disturbing thing in the story:

The two AK-type assault rifles were purchased by Jaime Avila from the Lone Wolf Trading Co. outside of Phoenix on Jan. 16, 2010. Avila was recruited by his roommate Uriel Patino. Patino, according to sources, received $70,000 in “seed money” from the FBI informant late in 2009 to buy guns for the cartel.

So it’s not just that we allowed these cartels to buy guns and carry them back into Mexico, we actually financed this crime spree with tax dollars.

Now that we know the FBI was involved in this, it’s pretty hard to believe it didn’t go higher up the chain. This was too big an operation to be undertaken without briefing senior staff.

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