Harry Reid: If Romney Wins, I'm Not Working With Him

Katie Pavlich

Earlier today when Mitt Romney made his closing argument in Wisconsin, he said he would work with Congress to get things done in Washington should he be elected and pointed out President Obama’s track record of not doing so. Shortly after Romney’s speech concluded, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the guy who hasn’t even introduced a budget in more than 2000 days, vowed not to work with Romney should he win next Tuesday.

Mitt Romney may be promising bipartisanship in his closing argument in the 2012 contest, but one of the Republican presidential nominee’s harshest critics on the other side is calling that pledge “laughable.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) — who looks likely to keep his leadership job and would be the top Democrat for a President Romney to deal with — said in a statement Friday that he and the Democratic caucus have already shot down most of the things over which Romney says he could find cross-aisle agreement…

…I think Harry Reid’s imaginary friend, the same one who told him Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years, told him about Romney’s “severely conservative record” and “terrible record with Democrats in Massachusetts.” By the way, Harry Reid has also said the Tea Party is dead (which they aren’t), but it is clear they live rent free in his head.

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Update: From Wisconsin, Romney’s Closing Argument: “Americans don’t settle. We aspire.”

A fantastic “closing argument” from Mitt Romney in Wisconsin, as he delivers one of the best speeches of his political career, and perhaps one of the best cases a challenger has ever made against an incumbent president.  Romney is not shy about laying out the reasons to vote against Barack Obama, but he’s never been better at giving Americans something to vote for…



The President’s closing argument? “Revenge.” Watch the video at The Washington Post.

Also, Obama Demonizes Tea Party In Final Days Of Campaign.

I think that means Tea Parties are winning…

Vote — for revenge… or love? at Althouse.

Update: Harry Reid: The idea that Democrats would work with Romney is laughable Doug Powers at MichelleMalkin.com

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