Heavy armored vehicles reported moving toward Tehran

This came to CAJ from a Spanish translation of an Iranian website. We have not yet been able to verify the information but wanted to make readers aware of the increasingly deadly situation in Iran for those [‘Green network’] who would overthrow the Islamic regime.

We have posted it here verbatim from the original post though there are type errors and misuse of certain English words in the transcript. We think our Western readers should be aware of how the Iranians are trying to inform them of their efforts and perils.

Published: Persian date 10 Dey, 1388, hours before the 10:38 pm.
Last Updated: 04:50 Tehran Time Friday, 11 Dey, 1388 equal to 31 2009 Dec coincided with the 14th Muharram 1431

Green Network way movement (Jrs): the time before hundreds of military and dozens of heavy armored Khvrvy move towards their Karaj Tehran have started.

Jrs to report, some of these vehicles, especially the suppression of protests within the city have already been observed in the streets of Tehran.

Urinary hundreds of military force in the city are moving toward Tehran.

Send more troops and heavy military Tjhzyat for more observers to Tehran Tehran Ashvray related accidents in which people know in some hours of guard forces or were runaways or were surrounded and their motorcycle and cars burned. Forces fear that publication of pictures related to this incident caused morale to get most of them protesters and confrontation with the repressive military units.

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From Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Iran mobilises troops ahead of rally
December 31, 2009

An opposition website in Iran says the government is moving troops and armoured military vehicles to the capital on the day supporters of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi planned to hold a rally.

“Hundreds of military forces and tens of armoured vehicles … are moving towards Tehran. Some of the vehicles are used for suppressing street riots,” the Jaras website said.

Jaras also said security forces had a heavy presence in various Tehran squares ahead of the planned opposition rally.

Iran’s police chief warned supporters of Mr Mousavi on Wednesday of harsh treatment if they joined illegal anti-government rallies.

In Iran’s bloodiest unrest since the aftermath of the disputed June 12 presidential election, eight people were killed last Sunday and at least 20 pro-reform figures, including three senior advisers to Mr Mousavi, were arrested.

The article continues at ABC.net.au

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