Herman Cain Urges New Hampshire GOP to Keep Doing ‘the Impossible’

Freedom’s Lighthouse

Here is video of possible 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain speaking to the Lincoln Reagan dinner of the Hillsborough County Republican Committee in New Hampshire, where he encourage the voters to understand they “can make a difference.” He praise them for what they did on November 2, 2010, and urged them to keep it up as we move toward the 2012 Election.

Cain said that many people believe it is impossible to replace the “current occupant in the White House.” But he does not believe it is impossible at all.

CAJ note: the quality of this video isn’t great but Herman Cain’s message is worth hearing.

Smitty wrote about Mr. Cain’s background at The Other McCain.

Update: Riehl World View, Herman Cain takes on Planned Parenthood

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