HHS Secretary Sebelius resigning, White House official tapped for job


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who was the face of the president’s health care law, is resigning from the Obama administration — a decision that closes one of the rockiest tenures in Obama’s Cabinet.

Sebelius leaves the administration after the tumultuous launch of the Affordable Care Act exchanges last fall. Despite calls for her ouster from Republicans at the time, she stayed on until the enrollment period ended at the end of March.

A White House official said President Obama will formally make the announcement on Friday, and nominate White House budget office director Sylvia Matthews Burwell to replace the outgoing secretary. The Senate would have to confirm Burwell to the position.

The administration has since touted the surge in enrollment in the last few weeks, with Sebelius saying Thursday that 7.5 million American have now signed up for coverage under the law.

But the technical difficulties surrounding the launch, as well as ongoing concerns about the implementation of the law, hung over her. She leaves just one week after the enrollment period ended, and as a tough midterm election cycle expected to focus heavily on ObamaCare begins.

Republicans quickly made clear that Sebelius’ departure will not temper their criticisms of ObamaCare. ..



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Update: ‘This guy is not joking’: Brit Hume, others floored by Ezra Klein’s explanation for Sebelius resignation

…Vox.com’s Ezra Klein, formerly of the Washington Post, tweeted that Sebelius stepping down is a sign that Obamacare has achieved true awesomeness…


Update 2: Analysis: Sebelius is “paying the price” for botched Obamacare rollout (video)

…Sebelius oversaw the not-so-grand opening of the HealthCare.gov website, which initially crammed all the efficiency of a lumbering government bureaucracy into one inconvenient online package.

CNN senior White House correspondent Brianna Keilar and CNN political commentator New Yorker correspondent Ryan Lizza discuss.



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