Hillary says imprisoned U.S. missionaries should be left to ‘Haitian justice system’

The Daily Caller

For their efforts to try to rescue twenty-three children from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, where the death toll hovers around 200,000, ten U.S. missionaries are now facing child trafficking charges in an incident that continues to cast a shadow on international relief efforts.

And despite the island country’s essentially nonfunctional judicial system — which the United States recently called “unacceptable” as prisoners languish in prisons without trial in often terrible conditions — it seems at least one U.S. diplomat has faith in the process.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this weekend that the incident was “unfortunate” but that this is the time to let the Haitian judicial system, such as it is, handle the case.

“It is something that a sovereign nation is pursuing, based on the evidence that it presented when the charges were announced,” Clinton said matter-of-factly. “Obviously, this is a matter for the Haitian judicial system.”

Clinton promised that the U.S. would provide some measure of “support” in the incident, but did not elaborate.

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