Holder Confirms Obama Ready to Use Executive Order on Guns ‘in Absence of Meaningful Action’ by Congress

Bridget Johnson
PJ Tatler
PJ Media

Attorney General Eric Holder said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today that President Obama is open to using an executive action to push through gun-control and/or associated mental health measures that haven’t found approval in Congress.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), one of the top proponents of new gun-control measures in Congress, noted that Obama only made a “very brief” reference to gun violence in his State of the Union address.

“But I hope, and I hope you will join me in the view that the president remains completely committed to ending gun violence in this country, adopting common sense sensible measures like background checks and mental health initiatives; a ban on straw purchases and illegal trafficking,” Blumenthal said to Holder at the Justice Department oversight hearing.

“The bill that was before us unfortunately failed to pass, but I’d like your commitment on behalf of the administration that he remains resolutely and steadfastly in support of these initiatives.”

“Yes, we do still have that commitment,” Holder responded…

…“And on the subject of the use of the president’s authority, my hope is – and I would argue that he take whatever action is possible, as he has done in a number of steps already and as you have done in trying to clarify the mental health issues that have to be reported to the NIC system, my hope is that additional measures, executive actions are contemplated under that authority,” Blumenthal continued.

“The president – it is his intention to again try to work with Congress, but in the absence of meaningful action to explore all the possibilities and use all the powers that he has to, frankly, just protect the American people,” Holder replied…


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CAJ note:  If Blumenthal and the other Congressional lizards are happy to give away their Constitutional responsibilities to the likes of Holder and Obama, then why don’t they all go home now and save us from paying them over $170,000 per year plus perks. Let’s just stop this pretense of having “the consent of the governed.” Because they haven’t, and our consent diminishes every day:


“Just Quit!”… Chicago Black Urban Grassroots Activists Blast Obama’s SOTU Address (Video)

…“Mr. President, we’d probably be better off if you called off your presidency off right now. Just quit. Because if this is what you call helping us, then stop helping us.”

“His approach always is to place blame on the corporate world. The blame is equal. It’s not the one-percent problem. It’s not the 99% problem. It’s an American problem.”

“You can’t turn this around. Just step down.”…


According to Rasmussen Reports this morning:



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