Holder Says Definition of ‘Lying’ to Congress Depends On ‘State Of Mind’


AG Eric Holder attempts to avoid question about lying to Congress, saying that lying depends on one’s state of mind.

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Update:  More Video From Holder Hearing: The Mitchell/McCarthy Exchange

A dismissive AG Holder tells Congresswoman Adams, “I will not be dictated to.”

As BackyardConservative writes, “Fast and Furious Lying Eric Holder was at it again, parsing words and smirking at serious questions–people have died. Behold the chief law enforcement officer of the Obama administration…” It’s worthwhile reading.
Update 2: AG Holder’s Bill Clinton Moment “Too bad Roger Clemens didn’t think of this…”

Holder Hearings Part Three: Impeachment Is Not Enough, Holder Needs to Be Handcuffed, at Big Government.

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