Hot new idea: What if Obama just ignores Congress on the debt ceiling?


Yeah, why not? That’s perfectly in keeping with Obama’s M.O. when the legislature gets in his way. Can’t get Congress to move on cap and trade? Make the EPA do something. Don’t want to beg Congress to authorize war in Libya? Send in the Air Force and forget about it.

Annoyed that Congress has refused to raise the debt ceiling because you can’t reach a deal on deficit reduction? Just keep selling Treasury securities and apply the proceeds to paying interest on the debt, then dare the House and Senate to do something about it…

…Now there’s a campaign platform I’d like to see in time for the 2012 election: “The Constitution lets me run up as much debt as I want and there’s nothing your representatives can do to stop me.” Unchecked executive power and runaway spending — a magical combination…

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We urge you to read the article in part because Allahpundit linked to this excellent video at The Right Scoop of Charles Krauthammer. In case you don’t know it, your president passed the DREAM Act by Executive Order because Congress will not pass the legislation. [corrected]

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