House Republicans announce ‘drill here, drill now’ initiative

Carol Greenberg
Conservative Outlooks

By now you all are probably tired of hearing me harp on the energy issue, however, let’s face it. The US’ dependency on foreign oil hits all sectors of the country: our national security, our economics, our jobs, our businesses and the amount of dollars consumers have to spend. With gasoline in many parts of the country near, at, or surpassing the $4/gallon mark, businesses pass on those increased costs of deliveries and manufacturing to consumers. And when consumers are paying more at the pump, they don’t have the dollars to spend in other areas of the economy. The turmoil in the Middle East and the uncertainty of whether or not the oil will continue to flow to the US then becomes a matter of national security at a time when the Obama administration has been hampering tapping our own domestic energy resources. The House Natural Resources Committee has prepared these charts. It’s obvious by the one below how much our reliance on foreign energy has increased since Obama became president.

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The chart below shows us the dramatic decrease in our domestic crude oil production since Obama’s Gulf of Mexico moratorium took effect.

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The article, with videos, continues at Conservative Outlooks where you can read about “Obama’s Energy Freeze”, what it is doing to America, and the energy bill the House of Representatives has introduced to overcome the freeze.

Update:  At Babalu Blog, Can I interest you in some Cuban Offshore Oil? and, at, Tilting at Wind Turbines–Should the Government Subsidize Renewable Energy? (video)

Update 2: GOP Sen. Inhofe: Obama’s “Explicit Policy Goal” is Higher Energy Prices…

…Inhofe’s comments come as crude oil futures traded up on anxiety over unrest in the Middle East and broke the triple-digit mark in recent weeks. As of Thursday, light crude was trading at over $101 per barrel.

“We have, in fact, 163 billion barrels of recoverable oil – nearly six times higher than what President Obama and the Democrats like to claim,” Inhofe continued. “Let’s think about 163 billion barrels for a moment: that is enough to maintain our current levels of production and replace our imports from the Persian Gulf for more than 50 years.”

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