How will Common Core/National Science Standards Address Climate Change?

Missouri Education Watchdog

A recent post by MEW reported on a parent’s delight about the forthcoming national science standards and her belief they would teach climate change is primarily due to humans.  She wrote:

Federal science standards coming later this month will recommend that public schools educate students about climate change. Once students understand, they may just educate their parents.

Oops. From HotAir and The Economist’s findings on climate change:

The Economist has been pretty reliable about beating the climate-alarmist drum for years on end now, often peddling the urgent need for an overarching global climate treaty to combat the threat. In a piece this week, however, the British publication took a much more moderate approach and hashed out some of the different studies suggesting that the planet actually might not be quite as sensitive to changes in carbon dioxide levels as the global-warming scaremongers have long been insisting…


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Related:  Those of us who were successfully educated before there was a Department of Education learned this in 7th grade Earth Science class: CO2 myth busted: Why we need more carbon dioxide to grow food and forests

If you talk to the global warming crowd, carbon dioxide — CO2 — is the enemy of mankind. Any and all creation of CO2 is bad for the planet, we’re told, and its production must be strictly limited in order to save the world.

But what if that wasn’t true? What if CO2 were actually a planet-saving nutrient that could multiply food production rates and feed the world more nutritious, healthy plants?…


Update: New Climate Science Scandal Exposed


Update 2: But wait! There’s more!   Give It a Rest… Junk Scientists Now Claim Global Warming Causes Thicker Ice


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