Howard Dean: I can’t shake the feeling that Obama’s advisors are out of touch with the country


Skip ahead to 5:00 for the key bit, which has me at a loss. On the one hand, this is the second time in four days that Dean-o is wildly off-message from the White House, which of course is why both CNN and The Hill are trumpeting his remarks here. Intriguing stuff, to be sure. On the other hand, the thrust of what he’s saying is that the White House is out of touch with … progressives. Note to Dean: It ain’t disaffected lefties who are preparing to destroy the Democrats in November. Or am I not giving him enough credit, and this is actually his way of acknowledging, however glancingly, that the White House is out of touch with center-right concerns too? Remember, this is the guy who’s been warning liberals that the 65 percent of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque can’t all be bigots.

Beyond all that, he’s letting Obama off the hook. Apart from Gibbs’s shot at the“professional left” — which not only went unchallenged by The One but which Gibbs was free to double down on the next day — what evidence is there that O’s advisors have Beltway myopia but he doesn’t? Here’s a choice bit from Politico on how his decision to publicly support the Ground Zero mosque was made…

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