HSBC maintained ties with one of bin Laden’s chief jihad bankrollers

Robert Spencer
Jihad Watch

Global finance completely compromised. “Report Shows How HSBC Maintained Its Ties With One Of Osama Bin Laden’s Key Benefactors,” by Linette Lopez for Business Insider, July 17 (thanks to Twostellas):

Yesterday, the Senate released a report on HSBC’s ties to the darkest actors in global finance. Today, the details of the 335 page investigation are trickling out and shocking everyone.The laundry list of offenses includes everything money laundering for Mexican drug cartels to ignoring U.S. regulations meant to prevent dollars from reaching our country’s known enemies.

Enemies like Al Qaeda…

The article continues at Jihad Watch.

Related:  A Morsi-Napolitano Jihadist Pipeline to America?

Team Obama saw fit to delay construction of the desperately needed Keystone pipeline –jeopardizing U.S. energy security by extending our unnecessary reliance on fossil fuels from Muslim countries which use their profits from this trade to foment and actively fund jihadism.

Now it seems the Muslim Brotherhood (and its even more overtly bloody offshoot)-supporting Team Obama policymakers are creating another variety of “pipeline,” compatible with their repeatedly ludicrous, see-no-jihad ideological predilections.

Here is the depressingly plausible scenario by which such a dangerous travesty could unfold…


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