I see white people

Where are all the news media photographs of the big Madison crowd that Obama harangued last night?


I thought the University of Wisconsin was a major photo-op. Where are the photos — vistas of hopeful, youthful faces? There’s a tiny thumbnail here in the NYT. Help me find some pictures or I’m going with the theory — offered by those who looked at my pictures — that the crowd was — as all those news media people loved to say about the Tea Party rallies — overwhelmingly white.

My pictures were taken on Bascom Hill and the Memorial Union Terrace — overflow areas with piped in sound/video. I did not go through security and into the Library Mall area where the President could be seen in person, and I thought we were going to get some grand wide-angle shots of the President and his enthusiasts.

ADDED: Here‘s the vista in the Cap Times. “Overwhelmingly” is not the right adverb. It’s too much of an understatement. (Thanks to former law student, in the comments, for pointing me there.)

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