ICE memo reveals new Obama administration plan to incentivize illegal immigrants

Tara Servatius
American Thinker

…Democrats hoping to build a new, undefeatable super party by turning today’s illegal aliens into tomorrow’s voters are getting nervous.  News reports have been popping up about illegal immigrants fleeing the country by the thousands as the economy sputters and states pass laws that make functioning here tougher for them.

Just as bad was the news of declining birth rates among the country’s women driven by a sudden, large fall in Hispanic birth rates of nearly 10 percent, which the centers for Disease Control reported in March.  It’s another sign that illegals are both fleeing and slowing down their family expansion while here.  (While obviously not all women who are Hispanic are illegal, most women who are illegal are Hispanic, a statistical reality not lost on the Democrats when it comes to birth stats.)

Given all this, panic has apparently set in among the liberal ruling class in Washington.  In one fell swoop last week, the Obama Administration essentially suspended deportations of illegal immigrants who aren’t dangerous felons.

It was widely reported last week that the Obama Administration used executive fiat to pass the DREAM ACT, which allows illegal immigrants brought here as children to stay. But the administration actually went much further than that.  An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) memo virtually decreed that it is now immigration enforcement policy in this country not to deport anyone except those with violent criminal histories.  And even those with criminal histories may be eligible for a pass on deportation because their histories will be considered on a case by case basis, according to the memo…

…This is a shocking moment in American history that should have made headlines in every newspaper in the country. Never before has our government carved out such a large, protected class of people who are not subject to existing federal laws because they are favored by the political establishment…

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