If you’re looking for Black conservatives condemning the NAACP…

Big Government has ‘em.

DaTechguy’s Blog

Deneen Borelli

I’m deeply concerned that the NAACP is being used as a political tool to do the dirty work of the progressive movement. I urge blacks concerned about the tea parties to read the Contract from America — a list of policy objectives for Congress that was developed by tea party members nationwide. These objectives are clearly about limited government and liberty. In fact, the NAACP should be very concerned Obama’s cap-and-trade energy policy will lead to higher energy prices and higher unemployment – particularly among poor and minority households.

Kevin Martin:

To label peaceful political dissent as racists is akin to the behavior of the segregationists who once labeled the peaceful dissent lead by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as troublemaking. The founders of the NAACP must be rolling in their graves at the thought that dissent against an unfair system is now considered a reason for NAACP condemnation.

…You can see on memorandum that the MSM will not talk to any of these people, it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The complete post is at DaTechguy’s Blog. And we urge you to go to BigGovernment.com to read the many op-ed pieces about the NAACP by black conservatives there.

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