If you can’t win, cheat–or–how Obama can be re-elected

Some Michigan backers of President Barack Obama to vote for GOP candidates

Kathleen Gray
Detroit Free Press

Ernest Johnson expects to wear an Obama T-shirt to the polls Tuesday, but he’ll vote for Republican Ron Paul.

He’s calling on supporters of President Barack Obama to make mischief in Tuesday’s presidential primary by selecting Paul, a Texas congressman he thinks would have no chance against Obama in November.

Other Democrats are urging the party faithful to request a Republican ballot and vote for former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania — a candidate many Democrats think the president could defeat more easily than he could Michigan native Mitt Romney.

Democratic political consultant Joe DiSano sent an e-mail to Michigan Democrats on Sunday, urging them to vote for Santorum, saying he “is only a convenient vessel to embarrass Romney on the national stage.”…

…”This isn’t dirty tricks,” Johnson said. “It’s politics.”…

The complete article is at the Detroit Free Press

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