If you need this much security for criticising Islam…

Andrew Bolt
The Herald Sun [Australia]

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders, now on a speaking tour of Australia, on why he came to fear Islam:

In the Islamic world, I was always struck by two things. I was impressed by the kindness and helpfulness of many people. But there was also their fear. Islamic societies are ruled by terror. Muslims are good people, but they live under the yoke of Islamic sharia. If they leave Islam, or even just mildly criticise it, they sign their own death verdict…

…For nine years I have been living under constant police protection. I live in a government safe house. I am driven every day to my office in an armoured police car. I have even lived in army barracks and prison cells just to be safe from assassins. I am threatened because I am a a critic of Islam.

Some critics will scoff, knowing that to do so puts them in no danger at all. It will make them seem more tolerant, and enable them to walk down the street in danger of nothing but praise from the like-minded.

Wilders’ life, though, is proof of at least part of his message. Here are just some of the security guidelines distributed to journalists covering the visit here of an elected Dutch political leader simply expressing a point of view…

…If criticising Islam requires this much protection, there must be something to criticise.

Read the complete article at The Herald Sun.

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