If You Think Being Ruled by Obama is Bad, Try Being Ruled by the Chinese

Big Government
28 Dec 2013

…So we might take these data points and fast-forward them a decade or two. That is to say, we could multiply Chinese ambition and technology–including all they have stolen from the West–plus Moore’s Law, and quickly see that the Chinese are formidable. Indeed, if we extrapolate out present trends to a decade or so from now, we can presume that America will have made even more “progress”–in the fight against climate change, homophobia, and patriarchy.

If these are, indeed, our top national priorities, we might look ahead and see a new power-ratio, in which Chinese muscle dramatically eclipses that of America. Then once again, we might ask ourselves: Who will be stronger a few years hence? Who has the prestige to attract allies, or the might to force followers? And who wins if the two countries come to blows?

Some optimistic Americans, on the political right as well as the left, seem to believe that we can indulge in anything, and ignore everything, and still remain the world’s richest and most powerful country. The lessons of history, and the merest of common sense, could tell those optimists that they are wrong–although only if they are willing to listen…

…America should take notice: A smart country, boasting four times our population, aims to become the planet’s leading superpower. If we don’t wish to be displaced, or even defeated, we will have to try harder–a lot harder…

…The Hamiltonian history of the US tells us that if we do all those things, we will not only be strong, but also rich.



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