If you weren’t around in the 1970s, all you need to know is…

Kathy Shaidle
Five Feet of Fury

We had inflation and unemployment AND high interest rates all at the same time — which economists had long assured us was impossible.

Think gas is expensive now? Guess what? WE HAD NO GAS at all half the time.

Clothes were polyester. People thought avocados were a diet food and tanning was good for you. All the bread was white.

No computers, no fax machines, no cell phones, 13 TV channels, no photocopiers, plus $100 long distance calls. Hell, no Spandex, let alone Spanx.

Have you ever actually used a manual typewriter? Seriously: just try it sometime. See if you last five minutes let alone eight hours.

Great music was drowned out by disco — which, in retrospect, actually sounds good compared to the tuneless, off-beat crap you kids listen to today.

And most important of all? We watched movies like this. Every single day. For ten years.

Like I’ve said before: if you want to experience the 1970s, you don’t need a time machine…

You must read the rest at Five Feet of Fury! We dare you!

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