Illegal Immigrants Say They’re Ready To Be Violent To Get What They Want

Weasel Zippers

They’re already breaking the law, why not go for the gold?

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..The frustration, say immigration advocates, is reaching a fever pitch.

That is why, many say, recent weeks have seen activists use chains and pipes to tie themselves to the tires of buses that carry immigrants slated for deportation to court, block traffic on Capitol Hill and get arrested, surround Tucson police when they targeted two immigrants during a traffic stop, and chain themselves and block the entrance of a federal detention center.

More such actions, they vow, are coming…

…”The people will take power back into their own hands and set a true example of leadership that the Beltway will have to follow”…



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Related: House Leaders Must Shut Back Door To Comprehensive Immigration Bill

…We are concerned, however, that the House will pass individual, incremental bills only to have them cobbled together in a backroom deal with Majority Leader Reid and the Gang of Eight. Through a series of procedural maneuvers, House leaders could agree to begin negotiations with the Senate, known as a conference, using one of these smaller, targeted bills, while the Senate could bring the Gang of Eight bill to the negotiations.

This scenario would open the back door for congressional leaders to create a new amnesty-first, enforcement-later “comprehensive” immigration bill. Once the conference approves the new bill and sends it back to each chamber, amendments are prohibited and only an up-or-down vote is allowed…



Update:  Business Groups Preparing to Fight Conservatives over Immigration

Business groups that want Republicans to compromise more with Democrats and Washington’s permanent political class on comprehensive immigration reform may declare war on Tea Party candidates by putting money behind moderate and centrist candidates in Republican primaries…

…The Chamber of Commerce is reportedly “researching” what races they can influence in GOP primaries “in hopes of replacing tea-party conservatives with more business-friendly pragmatists” who would include support for comprehensive immigration reform…

The Ammo You Need to Defeat Amnesty: Jobs and the Economy

House Republicans are on a dangerous course on immigration “reform” and amnesty for illegal aliens, and the only way to defeat this giveaway of American sovereignty and exceptionalism is for you to get in the battle to defeat amnesty, and get in it NOW…




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