In a struggling economy Congress members saw their wealth grow

Kevin Bogardus
The Hill

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) saw her net worth rise 62 percent last year, cementing her status as one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Pelosi was worth at least $35.2 million in the 2010 calendar year, according to a financial disclosure report released Wednesday. She reported a minimum of $43.4 million in assets and about $8.2 million in liabilities.

For 2009, Pelosi reported a minimum net worth of $21.7 million.

Reports disclosing the assets and liabilities of lawmakers for the 2010 calendar year were released Wednesday. The forms can give a good estimate of lawmaker wealth, though they show ranges, and not precise values for stocks, pension plans, vacation homes and other assets.

Like Pelosi, other congressional leaders saw their wealth climb last year as the economy struggled to pull out of a recession while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained more than 1,100 points…

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