In UK Cameron invites Clegg to build ‘strong’ government

Conservative leader makes “big, open and comprehensive” offer to Liberal Democrats.

Telegraph [UK]
07 May 2010
2:58 PM BST/9:58 AM EDT

While keeping open the option of minority Conservative rule, Mr Cameron suggested he would prefer a pact with Nick Clegg’s third-placed party.

Mr Clegg has already indicated that the Conservatives have won the right to run the country, but is likely to seek significant concessions in return for his support.

“I want to make a big, open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats,” Mr Cameron said.

“I want us to work together in tackling our country’s big and urgent problems,” he added, after Thursday’s election resulted in a hung parliament.

Gordon Brown made clear that if talks broke down he would be willing to talk to the Lib Dems in an attempt to form a coalition.

The Conservatives won the most seats in parliament but fell short of an overall majority, leaving Britain with the first hung parliament in a generation.

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