IRAN says “…fuggeddaboudit…”

by Murray M. Silver, Esq.

IRAN raised its ugly head 12/31/09, telling the world and The U.N., (The Farce) to “…fuggeddaboudit…” National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said “…Iran is standing in its own way by rejecting the West’s proposal to swap most of its enriched uranium for nuclear fuel…” IRAN insists its nuclear program is for “…peaceful purposes…” and stated further, it has no intention of making a bomb.

In response, Iran set a one month deadline, 12/31/2009, for the West to accept its counter-proposal, to have the West either to sell nuclear fuel to Iran, or swap its fuel for Iran enriched uranium in small batches instead of all at once, as the U.N. plan requires. [Emphasis CAJ] In my opinion, the warning from Iran is a definite show of defiance to the world community, hardening Iran’s stance over its nuclear program. Iran’s proposal is unacceptable to the West – it leaves Iran with enough enriched uranium to make nuclear arms. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N’s watchdog, and the Obama Administration was unavailable for comment at the time this is published.

Finally, we should all recall that Iran built a “secret facility for enriched uranium,” right under the IAEA’s nose, and, had it not been discovered by Israel several months ago, the world would still be living in ignorance.


CLARIFICATION;- On 12/19/2009 Barack Hussein Obama’s tough talk of sanctions against IRAN has melted down to soft soap intended to lure Iran into further dialogue. Official U.S. warnings that Washington’s patience is running out and that “tough sanctions,” are imminent are nothing more than a smoke screen. Washington offered Iran 6 months to play with, free of threats of sanctions and safe from bombardment of its subterranean nuclear facilities. This means, in my opinion, that Obama’s ultamatum to Iran to comply with its international obligations by end of 2009 has been extended, a whole YEAR, an extra 6 months granted by Israel, up to 6/10/2010, and another 6 months which Obama tagged on himself to further delay Israel’s attack on Iran. By then, in my opinion, IT WILL ALL BE OVER, TEHRAN WILL HAVE ATTAINED A NUCLEAR WEAPON PLUS THE MEANS TO DELIVER IT!!!

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