Iraq’s Sunni Vice President flees to Qatar; Shiite Prime Minister Al-Maliki demands he be returned

Walid Shoebat

Syria is not the only place where the Sunni / Shiite divide is heating up. It’s also manifesting itself at the highest levels of government in Shiite-controlled Iraq. Last December, it was learned that an arrest warrant had been issued for Iraq’s Sunni Vice President – Tariq al-Hashemi – who fled to northern Iraq to escape terrorism charges.

Now, after recently fleeing to Qatar, the Iraqi government is demanding that Qatar send him back to Iraq…

…As readers of this site might remember, it’s interesting to consider that Hashemi is wanted on terrorism charges when a far more notorious terrorist – Hadi al-Ameri – holds a prestigious position inside the Iraqi cabinet; he is the transportation minister.

Al-Ameri, however, has a distinct advantage over Hashemi; he is a Shiite with loyalties to the Ayatollah.

Terrorism charges notwithstanding, the Shiite-led government of Iraq is extremely concerned about what’s going on in neighboring Syria, to the west…

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