IRS Admits Breach of Records: False Tax Lien used to Defeat Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell in 2010


After months of speculation about IRS targeting the Tea Party, there is at least one confirmed false IRS motion that helped cost a Tea Party candidate a race for the US Senate.

Christine O’Donnell was pummeled by opponents over her personal finances, including a tax lien that was placed on a home she owned. The problem was that she had already sold that home at the time of the lien, and the IRS has since admitted that the lien was a mistake.

Finally, the IRS has also acknowledged that her financial records were illegally accessed by a state official on the very day that she declared her campaign run…

…So on the same day in 2010 that Christine O’Donnell announced her Senate run, a false lien was placed on property she didn’t own, and someone illegally accessed her financial records, which were later used to defeat her.

And yet, there is little curiosity on the part of the IRS to punish those responsible…


The entire article, with video, is at Soopermexican.


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