Is President Obama Using Executive Powers To Organize Angry Anti-Capitalist Protests On The Streets Of America?

Founding Bloggers

From the cheap seats, it sure does look like the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive to coordinate with Andy Stern to organize a series of protests entitled “Showdown In America.”

Earlier, we posted about the links between Andy Stern’s SEIU and a group called National People’s Action (NPA). NPA, together with SEIU and the AFL-CIO, is organizing a series of angry marches against Wall Street and capitalism.

NPA is a very dangerous and radical group that isn’t shy about its radical philosophy…

…NPA wrote the dreaded Community Reinvestment Act which community organizers like Barack Obama used to shake down banks.

It turns out that President Obama is even closer to the group than the two degrees of separation represented by the most frequent White House visitor, and Obama administration Debt Commission advisor, Andy Stern.

President Obama is very close with NPA board member, John McKnight. Mr. McKnight also sits on the board of the Gamaliel foundation where President Obama worked as a community organizer.

Mr. McKnight also wrote President Obama’s letter of recommendation for Harvard Law School…

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