Is SEIU Working with Hamas and FARC?

“SEIU Local 73 was all across the nation in 2008 assisting Barack Obama in his historic run for the White House. Members and SEIU Local 73 staff worked the primaries not only in Illinois, but in Ohio and other key states. The Purple Army was out in force to turn our nation blue!”

Founding Bloggers

Prominent current and former members of SEIU local 73 are being investigated for their potential ties to the Hamas and FARC terrorist groups.

Late last year, their homes were raided by the FBI, and they were subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury for questioning.

Joe Iosbaker, Chief Steward of SEIU 73, and Tom Burke (former board member of SEIU 73) are among 9 people who are subjects in the investigation. None of them have been charged with any crimes, yet.

Two days ago, they refused again to appear in front of the grand jury.

The interesting thing about these SEIU folks is that they also belong to a violently radical group called the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

…The bottom line is that in addition to demanding the right to riot on the streets of America, the Progressive movement in this country (including SEIU) wants the right to organize “non-violent” actions with Hamas and FARC…

What does the President know, and how long has he known it?

The complete article, with video, is at Founding Bloggers.

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Update: At Conservative Outlooks:

…On March 1, 2008 the Colombian army, inside Ecuador, kills Raul Reyes the spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or FARC. FARC is a Marxist/Leninist revolutionary guerilla organization based in Colombia. Correa has been accused of taking campaign money from them but of course denies it.

And guess whose name turns up in the computer the Colombian army seized from Reyes…

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